Marlin Of A Strange And Distant Time

Well, the Miami Marlins unveiled their new uniforms last night, and I have to admit, they’re a disappointment.  OK, to be fair, they’re a disappointment to me because I hate the Marlins and was hoping for an absolute train wreck, especially after seeing that (*ahem*) interesting logo a few weeks ago. (“THAT’S NOT OUR LOGO!” insists team president David Samson).  These uniforms aren’t bad looking, and I’ll admit I kinda like the font they used for the uniform numbers.  However, I have complete faith that the Marlins will throw huge bucks at a bunch of free agents, win a pile of games, and then have a fire sale to piss everybody off all over again.

You know, something about this seems very familiar… Miami sports team, black and orange, huge event to announce major changes.  (Cue Michael Palin repeatedly running into a psychiatrist’s office and saying “I have this terrible feeling of deja vu!”)

I know somebody online compared the swoopy stylized marlin in the logo to a Tron lightcycle, but after a while it occurred to me that the marlin also looked a bit like the label for Threshold Records, the label created by the Moody Blues back in the very late 1960’s:

I can tell you from experience that if you stare at that spiral-y Threshold label while the record is playing, it becomes mesmerizing.

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