Pack Animal! Bowman DP&P — Retail mojo!

While running errands at lunch today, I bought a couple of packs of Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects at Target.  Before I went back to the office, I opened one of the packs… and voila!  Got me a prospect autograph!

Not too shabby.  It doesn’t scan well… the card is shiny, but not technically Chrome, I don’t think.  It’s always nice to get some mojo in a loose retail pack.  Baseball America rated Kelly the Cardinals’ #10 prospect going into 2011;  we’ll find out before too long where he stands this offseason.

The only name I recognized in either pack was Cole Kimball, who was claimed from Los Nacionales by the Blue Jays, and then later claimed back by the Nats.  I guess you can say that two teams wanted him, or that two teams lost him on waivers.

I don’t collect parallels, so the two Chrome cards which come in each pack instantly get filed in the going-to-COMC box.  Then I got a gold parallel in each pack, so that’s 2 fewer cards of any interest to me.  It basically boils down to one hit, 7 keepers and 6 cards to get rid of.

I don’t think I’ll buy any more of these packs.  It’s really no fun to buy a pack and then not keep much of it.  The autograph gave me my money’s worth this time, but had I grabbed different packs and not gotten a hit, then it would’ve been $6 worth of meh.  I’ll buy the Mets & Orioles prospects individually, and ignore the rest of the set.

I did at least get a Mets prospect in the pack… Michael Fulmer, Supplemental 1st Round draft pick.

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