My Shlabotnik-sense tingles; plus, an “outsider’s” blog worth checking out

Did you ever have one of those feelings that something was about to happen?  I was driving home tonight, and a feeling came over me that my package had arrived from COMC.  When I got home, I found a small white box in my mailbox.  Woo-hoo!

Yeah, yeah, sure, I did get an email notification the other day that the package had shipped, but my Shlabotnik-sense wasn’t tingling yesterday,  it tingled today, and it was right.  I’m going with the premonition thing.

I’ll start blogging about my newly-obtained goodies over the weekend.  Although there’s no major purchases involved, there’s some pretty cool stuff in there, I don’t mind saying.

As for the other half of my subject line…

Ben Hill is a writer for, and his speciality is the business of Minor League baseball, a subject which has fascinated me for many years.  In fact, his “Ben’s Biz Blog” is the top link on my Favorite Blogs list on the right (OK, it’s at the top because the list is in alphabetical order, but it’s still a favorite which I check regularly).

The other day Ben posted the first in a series of blog entries which are a Where-are-they-now for the players in 1987 Topps who “are currently toiling within the vast world of Minor League Baseball”.  He gives a writeup about the player then, what they’re doing now, and when possible, he includes a current photo.   Since his blog doesn’t appear in the Sports Cards Blogroll, I wanted to provide a link to it.  It’s good stuff, check it out.


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