Florida’s Mike Stanton –> Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton

Many of you have seen that the Marlins’ Mike Stanton has announced that he’d like to be called by his actual first name of Giancarlo.  I’m cool with that; I have a friend who also reclaimed the harder-to-pronounce first name he preferred rather than the more common middle name he’d been using.

It also avoids whatever confusion there is between the Marlins outfielder and the former pitcher Mike Stanton.

In honor of Stanton’s decision, I’d like to unveil what may be the first custom of him as Giancarlo, even if it means I’ll have published more customs of the <I spit on the ground> Miami Marlins than of any other team:

I don’t mean to be cynical… OK, fine, I do mean to be cynical, but only a little bit…  I’m not questioning Stanton’s motives, this is probably something he’s wanted to do for a long time.  However, I can’t help but wonder if the people with a certain premium cable channel might have offered up encouragement to Stanton, knowing that something like that would give them material for the documentary being filmed about the 2012 Marlins.

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