Is this the hairstyle you wanted? A reversed Mohawk?

I look at the facial hair being sported by Luke Scott, and I hear Bill Cosby saying the subject line (which is a quote from the movie  “Bill Cosby: Himself”).  Luke has completely reversed the Mohawk by putting the hairless stripe on the bottom of his head.

For what it’s worth, “Bill Cosby:  Himself” is in the Top 5 of “Movies I’ve watched the most”.  It hit cable when I was in college, it was on constantly, it’s hilarious, it’s very quotable and made for a good study break.  “Dad is great!  Give us the chocolate cake!”

One other thing I’ve noticed… If there’s ever a “Moneyball 2” and if, for whatever reason, they need someone to play Luke Scott, I think I know who to call.

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