2012 Topps Tracker Number Nine… Number Nine… Number Nine…

The subject line has nothing to do with anything, it just popped in my head when I was typing “Topps Tracker #9”.  Beatle-philes will know it as a reference to the Beatles track – I won’t call it a song –  “Revolution #9”, which includes someone repeatedly saying “Number nine… number nine…”.  If you play that part backwards, it sounds like “Turn me on, dead man… Turn me on, dead man” and was supposed to have been one of the clues to a covered-up death of Paul McCartney.  I find the “Paul is dead” clues to be fascinating, and there are so many of them that I don’t see how it can be a coincidence…  More likely John Lennon lashing out at Paul in a passive aggressive way.

To the left is the 2012 Topps card of Philip Humber, I don’t think I need to explain why he’s here.

2012 Topps Tracker time!  Since the last Topps Tracker I’ve bought two of the “Value Boxes” which includes 5 packs of Series One, Two hobby packs of Heritage and a super-duper nifty keen-o shiny card of guys for whom you already have 500 super-duper nifty keen-o shiny cards.

I’ve only opened 3 of the combined 10 Series One packs, so in my next Topps Tracker the card totals below will increase while the amount spent will not.

Oh, one other thing… I was surprised to find my local hobby shop had a value box for $1 cheaper than my local Target.  Keep that in mind, my droogies…

Money spent:  $97.96;  1 blaster, 7 hobby packs, 7 retail packs, 2 hanger packs, 2 “Value” blasters.

Base cards:  350

Minis: 10

Target Parallels:  13

Beerfractor parallels:  7

Manupatches:  1

Relics:  1

Code cards:  8

Other Inserts:  45

Base set progress:  236 cards (71.3% complete)
Mini set progress:  10 cards (20% complete)

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