1974 Week: Jesus Alou “No Position” Variation

When it comes to 1974 errors and variations,  most of the attention goes to the “Washington Nat’l Lea.” cards, but a master set of 1974 Topps also includes the Jesus Alou “No Position” card:

From my own experience, this seems to be a relatively rare card;  you don’t see it as  much as the Washington “Nat’l Lea.” cards.  However, it’s also a card which is relatively low in demand, so you can get it for a price which is pretty reasonable.  That’s how I came to own it… I normally don’t go much for text-based errors, but when I ran across this card I had a complete 1974 set and had most of the “Washington” cards, so I decided that I would go ahead and complete the master set for 1974.   I can’t see myself doing that for any other set… For example, I’ve got a number of the variations from 1991 Topps, which is a set I really like, but I can’t see myself tracking down all the variations in that.

Assuming that the Matty Alou card was taken at Yankee Stadium (he is in a home uniform) then all three Alou brothers were photographed in Yankee Stadium for the 1974 set, but Jesus was the only one not in a Yankees uniform at the time.

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