Pointless Pairings #2 – Trivia Challenge!

My latest “insert” card features a “Pointless Pairing” of R.A. Dickey and Todd Helton. This is the challenge: What do these guys have in common?  Leave your answers in the comments!

I have one particular thing in mind, but if you can show me that both have a map of Sao Paolo tattooed over their hearts, or that both get their teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist named Myrtle, then that would be acceptable.

Just to make this clear, this isn’t a contest, there are no prizes. …Although I might have a Marvel Comics “No-Prize” in my closet… and I could always make the “prize” be tha I’ll make a custom card of the subject of your choice (if I have access to a photo).

Here’s a hint:  This might be easier for fans of a certain current quarterback.

5 thoughts on “Pointless Pairings #2 – Trivia Challenge!

  1. Being employed by the Ministry for Information Retrieval, this one was a no-brainer:

    Todd Helton and R.A. Dickey were teammates at the University of Tennessee for two academic years.

    • WINNER!

      I meant the first one, that they were teammates at Tennessee. After I came up with this “Pointless Pairing”, and shortly before I posted the card, I read about Dickey, Helton and Peyton Manning schmoozing at a Mets/Rockies game, so I figured someone would’ve picked up on this connection.

      Well spotted! As your prize (such as it is), I can make a custom of someone from the Twins, if you like. Would you like a little Mastroianni with your meal? 1985 was a very good year…

      FYI, I had an idea for a future “Pointless Pairings” card which features a Twin, so keep an eye out for that.

      • No, I think I’d like a helping of Brian Dozier please, if that’s on the menu. And I’m thinking something of a Donruss Rated Rookie, maybe? ;-)

        (btw, I think “Rendezvous 6:02” has to be my favorite UK track)

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