Congratulations to Santana and Thole and Baxter and Murphy and…

While I’m extremely happy for Johan Santana (and a bit concerned after he’s thrown two complete games in a row), and happy for the Mets and Mets fans everywhere, we shouldn’t forget that a no-hitter is an achievement for the whole team, from the pitch calling of Josh Thole to the defensive play behind Santana, especially the nice catch by Mike Baxter.

Admittedly, this isn’t the nice catch, it’s just a nice catch.  I’ve been meaning to post this card for a week or so, as Baxter is becoming one of my “Guys”.  He’s from Queens and he’s been fun to watch (in the few opportunities I’ve had to see him this year).

I had also been intending to post a custom of Carlos Beltran yesterday or today, since last night was his first game back at CitiField since being traded to the Giants last summer, but he did play a role in last night’s no-hitter, if indirectly.  He hit a shot down the third base line which caught the edge of the foul line and should’ve been fair, but was called foul.

I enjoyed Beltran’s 6.5 years in a Mets uniform, and although it would’ve been nice if he were healthy more often, I thought he was a good addition to the team.  I wish him nothing but the best with the Cardinals, and he’s certainly gotten off to a good start, leading the NL in homers and batting .287 with 42 RBI.

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