Baby, Baby, Where Did My Cards Go? Part 1: 1970 Fleer World Series cards

I was pleasantly surprised to find this card in a box of random “I don’t know what to do with these” cards.  When I was a kid I had a handful of these, which came to me through friends, my brother’s friends and so on.  I spent a lot of time poring over these cards, because I was like a sponge when it came to baseball history.

I recently read an article about these “Laughlin” sets in Sports Collectors Digest – the cards were designed and illustrated by Robert G. Laughlin, and the set was printed and distributed by Fleer – and that got me wondering where my cards had gotten to.  Although my collection’s something of a mess, these cards are among the few where I had no idea where they’d gotten to.  I had made a mental note to re-acquire the cards I used to own, so finding this one was a nice experience.

The 1970 set was 66 cards, one for each World Series to that point (but not counting 1904, when there wasn’t a World Series).  There was a second set in 1971 which had all different illustrations and a different logo, but I don’t have any examples of those to share.

3 thoughts on “Baby, Baby, Where Did My Cards Go? Part 1: 1970 Fleer World Series cards

  1. Back in the day I too had many of these cards and wondered “where they had gone off to”? With the exception of needing to replace a few due to major off-centerness I have most of the 70s and only a handful of the 71s. A great source that tells about the set and solves some of the mysteries is “The Fleer Sticker Project” Blog ( I myself have also posted about these cards ( I also have the full set of the 1980 stickers ( that had reprints of the ’71 set with updates. They are fun cards to collect and enjoy.

    • Thanks for all the great links! The more I learn about this set, the more I’m leaning towards adding the list to my goals… Although I think I’d just stick with the 1970 set for now. I never had any of the other sets, so they don’t have the same emotional connection for me.

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