Mets Monday: 1983 Kellogg’s George Foster

As part of my preparation for the rapidly-approaching National, I was updating my Kellogg’s wantlist.  Despite having grown up in the 1970’s, I’ve only got a handful of these cards and none of them were pulled from a box of cereal by me.  I don’t think my mother bought the “right” cereals for these cards, and at any rate, I didn’t get all that excited about them when I was a kid…  They weren’t real baseball cards, they were just these too-small gimmick-y things.

As the years have passed, I’ve gotten into oddball 1970’s stuff, but I go back and forth on Kellogg’s.  Some days, like this past Saturday, I look at what I have and think “I need to get more of these!” and I start to compile a wantlist of all the different Kellogg’s sets.  Then I might come back to them a day or two later and my enthusiasm cools (like when I finish the wantlist and see that has over 100 cards on it).  Part of my enthusiasm depends on whether I’m looking at the actual cards or at an image of the card, because without the 3-D effect they are pretty freakin’ cheesy.

I’m probably  not going to seek these out at the National, but if there’s someone who has some Kellogg’s cards, I’d like to be prepared (and not rely on my sketchy memory),

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