Without A Cup, Part 9: Right-Handed Pitcher

In 1974, Topps didn’t use a cup… That is to say, they didn’t use the golden “All-Star Rookie” cups on the cards which feature members of Topps 1973 All-Star Rookie team. Since Topps didn’t honor those players, I will. Today we’ll be looking at the right-handed pitcher on that team.

Steve Rogers had an impressive career;  so much so that you can’t help but wonder what his numbers would’ve been like had he been on a winning team before his 7th season.

Steve went 10-5, 1.54 in 1973 and finished second to Gary Matthews in the NL Rookie Of The Year voting.  He threw three shutouts that year, the first two coming in his second and third Major League starts…  and one of those was a one-hitter!  Steve was a five-time All-Star, two-time NL Shutout leader, and is the only player with a career longer than 5 years to have spent  his whole career with the Expos.

Rogers would lead the NL in losses twice:  22 in 1974, 17 in 1976.  You’ve got to be a good pitcher to lose that many games; otherwise they wouldn’t keep trotting you out there.

George “Doc” Medich was the Baseball Digest RHP (14-9, 2.95 with the Yankees)

Next time, on an all-new “Without A Cup”:  A player who had his number retired

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