Jose Reyes On The Move

I may have donated my Jose Reyes t-shirt to Goodwill after he left the Mets, but I still like the guy. For his sake, I hope that the excitement he expressed about playing in Miami was just the happy talk of a guy who just signed a big ol’ contract.

In ten years time, we’ll probably be looking at Jose’s time in Miami much like we say “Oh, I forgot that Mike Piazza played for the Marlins”.

…or “I forgot that Iván Rodríguez played for the Marlins”…

or Andre Dawson… Darren Daulton… Paul LoDuca… Carlos Delgado… Charlie Hough… Walt Weiss…

Nerdy Custom Talk (Take Or Leave As You Will)

In an earlier post which featured my faux Bazooka cards, I said I’d point out when I used a color combination which hadn’t occurred in the wild… well, this is one. I thought I’d end up using several non-standard color combinations in my customs, but what sounded good in theory didn’t look good in practice. As a result, the purple and yellow you see here will be the lone new color combo added to the rotation.

I tried some different techniques when photoshopping the Reyes image, and I’m not unhappy with the way it turned out. The image I started with had Reyes in an orange Marlins alternate with black piping around the collar. I did a “Negative Image” on the piping to make it white and I colorized the jersey and then had to mess with the contrast and brightness to make it a deeper, less glowing blue. It still has a little bit of an unnatural look to it, so I’ll have to play with that in the future.

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