On The Threshold Of Complete

Two of my goals for 2012 are to complete two sets I’d started collecting back in the 1970’s: 1973 Topps baseball and 1975 Topps football.

My latest attempt to complete these sets came when COMC had their Black Friday promotion. In both cases I made progress, but didn’t QUITE get to my goal… at this point, it looks like these goals will carry over to 2013.

For 1975 Football, I needed two cards. I found the first card I needed at a price and condition I could get behind:
1975 Topps Football Cliff Branch

When I decided to complete the set a couple of years ago, this rookie card was one of the costliest needs on my list (the Dan Fouts rookie was at the top). It took a while to find one within my (low) budget, and I’m very happy to be able to cross this one off the list.

However, when I went looking for the other card I need, the only one available was from someone whose asking price was book. I thought about buying it just to complete the set…

…But there’s just one thing, you see…
buy nothin’
at book price.

Since I wanted to be like a shark and keep moving through the COMC waters – and to be honest, it’s taken me 37 years to get this far and I can wait another couple of months – I passed that card by without making an offer. Let that be a lesson to you, Mr. Book Value Guy.

Just like with 1975 Football, I went into Black Friday needing just a couple of cards for 1973 baseball. One of the three is the Schmidt rookie, and I’m trying to find a well-loved copy that I can get in the general $20 area. I didn’t expect to find a card like that on COMC, and I didn’t.

The third-most-wanted 1973 card is a checklist, and even though I’m not particular about condition or whether it’s been used as a checklist, this card has eluded me. COMC was no exception, but I’m not going to sweat it too much, since I’m sure I’ll find a copy of that before I find “The Perfectly Imperfect Schmidt”.

Ah, but the third card I needed is one I got in my COMC shipment… The Dwight Evans/Al Bumbry/Charlie Spikes rookie card, which I got in decent condition for $5.
1973 Topps Bumbry Evans Spikes

I have to say, it might be more fun when the final cards come one at a time… I’m enjoying the anticipation and the sense of the hunt.

I did complete some 1970’s Steelers team sets, but given that I’m already running late for work, those will have to wait for another day.

1 thought on “On The Threshold Of Complete

  1. ALONZA Bumbry? Poor guy… Anyhow, he was one of my favorites growing up, always seemed to get that big base hit when needed. And he just looked like he belonged in an Orioles uniform.

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