R.Jay Dickey

2012-13 Hot Stove #8 - RA DickeyBeing a Mets fan is an odd mix of hope and resignation, of optimism and pessimism. I’d hoped the Mets would keep R.A. Dickey, who was by far the best – and very often only – reason to watch the Mets this past year. After things didn’t seem to be going well with a contract extension, I became more and more resigned to the idea that Dickey would be elsewhere in 2013, and I began to hope that at least Sandy Alderson meant what he said when he talked about wanting a big package for R.A. Dickey.

It is something of a surprise and a relief that the Mets did get as good a return as they did.  After all, Dickey could go (as Graig Nettles once said) “from Cy Young to sayonara”.   Not that I’ll be hoping for that, I like Dickey too much to wish him any ill will in Toronto.  In fact, if I weren’t an Orioles fan, I would be rooting for the Blue Jays this year.  They’ve got two former Mets who are players I collect in R.A. Dickey and Jose Reyes.

I’m very excited about Travis d’Arnaud;  guy sounds like a stud, and I’m looking forward to watching him play.  My apologies for the inaccuracies in my photoshopping; While I’ve gotten pretty good at this, I don’t have the skills to add pinstripes or piping to a jersey… so Mr. d’Arnaud will have to make it to Spring Training with a bogus Mets jersey.

2012-13 Hot Stove #9 - Travis d'Arnaud

D’Arnaud has the distinction of being traded for two different Cy Young Award winners. Three years ago, he was part of the package going from the Phillies to the Blue Jays for Roy Halladay.

If d’Arnaud plays in AAA this year, he’ll have the distinction of playing consecutive years for the same minor league team while in different organizations;  the Las Vegas 51’s were the Jays’ top farm team last year, and their affiliation switches to the Mets starting in 2013.

I was surprised at the number of catchers going in both directions.  When was the last time 4 catchers were involved in the same trade?  I like Thole and Nickeas, but I don’t know how much I’ll miss them.  One way or the other, I guess either Travis d’Arnaud or John Buck will be starting for the Mets on Opening Day;  the only other catcher they’ve got is Anthony Recker, who the Mets picked up on waivers from the Cubs, and who has all of 22 games of Major League experience.

Final thought comes from a Blue Jays perspective:  They’d better do something this year, because they’ve done a number on their farm system.  This winter they’ve traded their #1, #2, #3, #5 and #8 prospects to the Mets and Marlins.

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