Mets Monday: 19?? Wiz Postcards

Most Mets fans are familiar with the 1991 “Wiz” set which was a season-long giveaway of posters that were perforated to make little cards with black & white photos of every Met in the team’s history to that point.

1991 Wiz Mets Frank ViolaThere was another Mets-related set sponsored by The Wiz, this one a 6-postcard set of Mets pitchers.  Each postcard is 5″ x 7″ and features either Dwight Gooden, Frank Viola, Ron Darling, Sid Fernandez, David Cone or Bobby Ojeda.

I’ve seen these referred to 1991 issue and a 1989 issue… but since Frankie V. was acquired at the trade deadline in 1989, I kinda doubt that was the year.  I’ve got mine stored in a binder with my 1991 cards, so I’m going to stick with that in the absence of evidence to the contrary. Feel free to correct me and/or call me a dumbass.

1991 Wiz Mets Sid FernandezThese postcards are nice, and probably work out well for autographs. Unfortunately the way they were printed was very dark and some of the cards are overwhelmed by shadow. One of the reasons I’m featuring El Sid and Frankie V in this post is because they’re two of the lighter postcards. On Doc’s card, you can barely see his face.

For those who don’t know, “Nobody Beats The Wiz” was a regional electronics chain in the northeast, mainly the New York metro area. Back at their peak, they put a fair amount of money into sponsoring New York sports. You can see part of their ad on the Yankee Stadium outfield wall if you go and look at pictures of the infamous moment in the 1996 ALCS where a 12-year-old fan (I won’t mention his name) reached out over the Orioles’ Tony Tarasco to pull in a fly ball, giving a home run to an undeserving Yankee shortstop (I won’t mention his name either).

1991 Wiz Mets Gooden Back

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