No Bourn? No Problem.

2012-13 Hot Stove #13 - Michael BournAll-Star outfielder Michael Bourn was pursued by the Mets and other teams before signing a multi-year contract with the Indians. I don’t have a problem with the Mets missing on Bourn, but it took several attempts at writing why I’m OK with it without coming across as extremely pessimistic or bitter – I am a Mets fan, after all.

I agree that the Mets were wise to pursue Bourn if his price fell enough, but at $48 million over four years, I don’t think it fell enough, even if they successfully argued to keep their 1st round draft pick. Bourn may have made this team more palatable, but he wasn’t going to single-handedly make this team a contender and possibly not even competitive.  Also, at 30 years old the man is pretty much at his peak… which means that when the Mets do get competitive, he’ll be on the decline or be gone (although I hope that the Mets get competitive before Bourn’s contract is done).

At this stage in the rebuilding process, the Mets should instead be spending on organizational depth, their bullpen and their farm system. Yes, the outfield is a significant concern, but I’d rather see them pick up a couple of slightly-above-average outfielders from among the many guys who will become available as we get closer to opening day. With any luck, one of these March pickups will have a good first half and get traded at the deadline for a prospect or two.

Hopefully in a year or two the Mets will be in a position where it makes sense to pick up big names… but they’re not there yet.

OK, now that I’ve gotten that off  my chest, I have to confess that I thought the “photoshopping” of this custom would be easy… both teams have the same colors, so it’s just slapping an Indians logo over the Braves logo and BAM! Done.  Turned out to be a lot more tweaking and adjusting of Chief Wahoo than I expected, and I’m not 100% happy with it… But I wonder if I’m my own worst critic sometimes.

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