COMC Spring Cleaning Promo – I’ve Marked My Cards Down!

Shameless plug:  I’ve discounted every card I’m selling on COMC, as part of their Spring Cleaning promo;  you get free shipping with orders of 25 cards or over…  Deets on the promo here.

The promotional discounts are on top of my (hopefully) already low prices!  Either check out my inventory here, or look for my JoeShlabotnik user ID.  My intent is always to be competitive on pricing;  if I’m not, feel free to make me offers.

I’ve also added extra discounts on most of my 2012 parallels and inserts, as well as a number of other cards.

This is not a business to me, I’m not a speculator, I’m not in it to make money… I’m selling unwanted cards so I can use the credit to enhance the World-famous Shlabotnik collection.  Nearly every card I’m selling has come out of my house;  the few cards I haven’t touched are ones I bought on COMC and then realized before shipping that I didn’t need them.

Most of my inventory is baseball from 1963 to 2012, but I’ve also got a few handfuls of football, hockey, racing and some others.


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