Mets Monday: 1976 Jesus Alou

This card has always seemed odd to me.
1976 Topps Jesus Alou

Part of what I find odd is the serene expression that Alou’s got.  Most guys go for the “determined” look or the “aggressive” look, not the “I am one with the universe” look.

Another thing that I find odd about the card is just the whole thing of an Alou in a Mets uniform  I am old enough to remember Alou with the Mets, and yet I don’t.  Part of it was his limited exposure: He had 108 at bats in 62 games, playing left & right field. Probably more to the point was the fact that I was 10 years old at the time, and I didn’t know the Alou Brothers from the Ritz Brothers… but I did know The Hudson Brothers, after all they had that awesome “Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show” on Saturday mornings!

At any rate, the Mets cut Jesus loose on March 30, 1976… He was most likely already gone by the time I got this card.

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