2013 TSR Custom: Kevin Frandsen Of The Phillies

After Kevin Frandsen hit a three-run walk-off double against the Royals this past weekend, Jim from The Phillies Room cried out to the Card Gods for a standard-sized card of Frandsen; Topps has yet to produce a Frandsen card showing him with the Phillies, even though he played in 55 games for the Phillies last year.

Well, I don’t have any influence with Topps, but I can take matters into my own hands…

2013 TSR #71 - Kevin Frandsen
I learned a new trick while making this, if any of you amateur pixel pushers are interested. In the original photo Frandsen was in front of a very dark background that I wanted to replace. The “Background Eraser” worked well for everything but Frandsen’s black bat. I toyed with this a while, and then tried kicking the brightness and contrast way up, used the “edge-seeking” selection tool as best I could, and then when I was done, I undid just the one step where I changed the brightness and contrast. The end result was still not as smooth as I would like, but the “jaggies” were literally lost in the crowd when I added in the background image.


3 thoughts on “2013 TSR Custom: Kevin Frandsen Of The Phillies

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