In Honor Of ‘The Office’, Here’s Dwight Bernard!

Many of you are aware that tonight is the series finale of The Office…. but instead of Dwight Schrute or Andy Bernard, I’ve got Dwight Bernard.

1983 Topps Gardner's Dwight BernardBefore I get into The Office, I should say something about Dwight Bernard and this card. Dwight Bernard pitched out of the Mets bullpen in 1978 and 1979. After the 1979 season he was traded to Milwaukee, he pitched for the Brew Crew in 1981 and 1982, and got to pitch an inning in the 1982 World Series. He’s currently the pitching coach for the Mariners’ AAA team in Tacoma.

The card itself, which is about as oddball as oddball gets, is from the 1983 Gardner’s set, a regional issue from Topps. I believe that Gardner’s is a bakery in the Midwest; I’m sure someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

The front of the card is… um… colorful. The back is pretty much identical to 1983 Topps.

Getting back to The Office, I’ll definitely be watching tonight… possibly even something approximating real time so I don’t get spoiled. Will Steve Carell make an appearance? I don’t really care, but then again I never liked Michael Scott all that much… he doesn’t hold a candle to Ricky Gervais’ David Brent.  Brent was an idiot and completely misguided, but he was likeable at some level and you couldn’t help but hope that he’d see the error of his ways and be a decent person.  Michael Scott is more of an ass.  Dammit, he made Pam cry in the first episode!  Pam! America’s sweetheart! That bastard.

At any rate, I’ve always seen the show as being about Pam and Jim and Dwight…

…and Creed and Meredith and Angela and Stanley and Erin and Phyllis and so on. It took the show a while to find its footing after Carrell left, but I think that this season’s been pretty good and I’m looking forward to seeing if there are any twists left for them to twist.

So congrats to The Office… it was sometimes great, sometimes crap, but always kept me watching.

2 thoughts on “In Honor Of ‘The Office’, Here’s Dwight Bernard!

  1. I liked the finale. I’m sort of sad that it ended, but I’m really glad the tedious Jim and Pam storyline is done. It was getting on my nerves. I’m wondering if they are thinking of doing a jim spinoff like they were going to do with dwight? I don’t even know why they brought steve carell back for this episode, they didn’t really have anything for him to do/say.

    • Yeah, I enjoyed it too. I like how they wrapped up the stories for many of the characters, even if it’s just Creed being carted off to jail.

      My guess is that Steve Carell was limited in what he did because he wasn’t there for most of the filming… I wouldn’t be surprised if they filmed scenes with and without him, just to keep it hushed as much as possible.

      I wouldn’t expect any spinoffs; the Dwight one didn’t go anywhere, I can’t see anyone else get spun off.

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