Rick Ankiel Custom: Quickly! There’s No Time!

2013 TSR #215 - Rick AnkielWhen the Astros designated Rick Ankiel for assignment after he’d batted below the Mendoza Line while striking out in more than half of his at bats, I figured that was it for Ankiel… and that did make me a little sad, because I’ve been intrigued by him ever since he started to reinvent himself as an outfielder.

…but while the Astros are a bad team, the Mets have a worse outfield, and before I knew it Ankiel was wearing a Mets uniform with Dwight Gooden’s number on it.

At that point I realized I needed to make a custom while I could, because if Ankiel continues to hit around .200, he’ll probably be gone as soon as another outfielder passes through waivers.

…but it’s been several days and he’s still a Met.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “Rick Ankiel Custom: Quickly! There’s No Time!

  1. And he’s actually hitting the ball for extra-bases, at least in these first few games. Btw, can the Mets please friggin’ retire Doc’s number? I know he never fulfilled his full promise, but c’mon man!

    • Yeah, so far Ankiel is an improvement, which isn’t a tall order. Let’s hope he can keep it up a while.

      I loved Doc as much as anybody back in the 1980’s, but I have to disagree about retiring the number. It is a little odd to see someone wearing #16, but I think retiring a number should be held as the highest honor a team can bestow upon a player. If you retire Doc’s number, you have to retire Gary and Keith and I’d say that you’d retire Ed Kranepool’s #7 before you retire 16… And I don’t think that any of those guys deserve the honor.

      Besides, you start retiring numbers left and right, and you’re acting like the Yankees…. and who wants that? :-)

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