Are We Not Stars? …1972 Astros Rookie Stars

1972 Topps Astros Rookie Stars Fenwick StinsonBob Fenwick and Bob Stinson look like they’re ready to rough you up… so maybe it’d be a good idea to learn something about them before you try to talk your way out of the beating you so richly deserve.

Bob Fenwick spent three years with the Giants AAA team in Phoenix before being  selected by the Astros in the 1971 Rule V draft.  He stayed with the Astros all through 1972, but got into only 36 games.  After the season, he was traded to the Cardinals, but appeared in just 5 games with them.  In 1974 he played in 52 minor league games before retiring.  This is his rookie card.

According to, Bob Fenwick is the only Major Leaguer who was born in Okinawa, Japan while it was under U.S. control.

This is Bob Stinson‘s third “Rookie Stars” card;  he appeared as a Dodgers Rookie Star in 1970 (and had been a 1st round draft pick of the Dodgers) and as a  Cardinals Rookie Star in 1971 (a card he shared with Al “The Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky).  He was a backup with those teams plus the Expos and Royals before being taken by the Mariners in the expansion draft.  Stinson then became the M’s starting catcher for the next few years.

Closest To Being A Star:  Stinson;  aside from being a starter, he played 611 more Major League games than Fenwick.


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