1976 SSPC: #16 Dusty Baker

1976 SSPC #16 Dusty BakerYou may remember me from… 19 years as a player and 20 years as a manager, including managing the the Cincinnati Reds since 2008.  I also won a Gold Glove and played in the 1981 and 1982 All-Star Games!

In 1976, Dusty Baker was… Disappointing, hitting .242/4/39 for the Dodgers after going .261/19/72 with the Braves in 1975.  (Don’t worry, he bounced back in 1977)

SSPC vs. Topps:  Both sets picture Dusty in a Braves road uniform, but SSPC acknowledges his trade to the Dodgers, something Topps didn’t do until the Traded set.

1976 Joe says:  Why does the National League think Atlanta is in the west?

2013 Joe says:  I am glad to see that the concept of “stadium tilt” was not a Topps exclusive.

So…take your time… and tell me… Is it Shea?:   Most of the photos for this set were taken in Shea Stadium, and I was confident that this was no exception… But when I asked myself which part of Shea was pictured here, I said “Um… It’s… aahhhh… well… oh.” I ended up digging up my 1970’s Mets yearbooks, and I’m pretty sure this lovely bit of scenery is right behind home plate, with the corrugated metal filling a gap between the Field Level and Loge seats.   1976 SSPC #16 Dusty Baker back

And Now, A Word From Joe Shlabotnik:  Here we go with the first of what will likely be a very long series of posts featuring cards from the 1976 SSPC set.  I gave some serious consideration to doing it up as a separate blog, but I’ve only got so much time and I didn’t want to dilute my brand (as they say on Madison Avenue).  I’m also a bit wary of presenting myself as any sort of expert on the set, because I am anything but.  Whatever knowledge about the set that I’m passing along is most likely stuff I just learned myself.


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