1976 SSPC: #28 Clay Kirby

1976 SSPC #28 Clay KirbyYou may remember me from… …Striking out 231 guys in 1971 and losing 20 games with the expansion 1969 Padres!

In 1976 Clay Kirby was… On his way out, going 1-8, 5.72 for the Expos. He’d pitch in AAA in 1977 before calling it a career.

Sad to say: Kirby died in 1991 at the age of 43.

You don’t see that on cardboard every day: I like the shadowy figures pulling the tarp off the field.

So… take your time… and tell me… Is it Shea?: Hard to say for sure in the dusk, but that looks very much like the Shea batter’s eye.

1976 SSPC #28 Clay Kirby backNit-picky comment from a guy who used to do a lot of proofreading: If you told me that “Cincinnati” would be misspelled on the back of this card, I would’ve expected to see two T’s or a misplaced N… But I would never expect to see “Cincinnato”.

And now a word from the proprietor, Joe Shlabotnik: This SSPC set is generally numbered by team, sort of like Fleer of the early Eighties. Because of that, as I feature these cards I’m going to skip through the set, team by team, and feature whichever card strikes my fancy. I’ve done the Braves and Reds so far, next up we have the Astros.


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