Where Topps Got The Design For The 2013 Archives Wrapper

1971 Topps Super Baseball WrapperDon’t be deceived by the image; this is not a review of 2013 Archives… well, not entirely.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that one of the the best things about this year’s Archives set is the wrapper. It reminds me of a line from a Beach Boys song:

I threw away my candy bar and I ate the wrapper
And when they told me what I did, I burst into laughter

Obscure pop culture references aside, I got to wondering where Topps got the wrapper design from. I mean, it’s Archives, it’s supposed to be pilfered from somewhere in Topps’ stockpile of designs.

A quick bit of research turned up the above image of a 1971 Topps Super Baseball wrapper. For those who aren’t familiar with the set, they’re oversized cards a little bigger than 3″x5″, and much thicker than a regular baseball card. The corners are rounded and the back is similar to the regular 1971 cards.

I don’t actually have any 1971 Supers – lo siento –  but I do have a couple of 1970 Supers, like this Rusty Staub.

1970 Topps Super Rusty StaubFor me, both years of Topps Super fall into the category of “Why don’t I have more of these?”

I suppose I should say something about 2013 Archives, shouldn’t I?  Well, I appreciate that they made the cheap card stock  more cardboard-like this year, but the set still leaves me a bit cold.  Maybe if they used designs that resonated more with me, emotionally… If 2014 Archives uses designs from 1974, 1976, 1983 and 1991, and if they’re done reasonably well, then we might be on to something… but again, that’s just me.

7 thoughts on “Where Topps Got The Design For The 2013 Archives Wrapper

    • I like Archives OK, but for me it’s a “Buy the players and teams I want out of a Quarter Box at a show” set, not a “buying packs and pondering completing the set” set. The real test will come if/when they ever “Archive” a set I have an emotional attachment to, like 1974 (which was my first set).

  1. I ask the same question about the 70s Supers “Why don’t I have more of them? One answer is many of my childhood cards got misplaced and found by someone other than myself.

    • I don’t have that excuse, I never had them as a kid. But I love oversized cards and these are cool… I’ll blame it on the odd size and dealers not bringing them to shows.

      I do suspect one of my childhood “friends” of stealing some of my stars from 1973 Topps, but that’s another story.

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