1976 SSPC: #47 Jim Crawford

…As we continue to hopscotch through the 1976 SSPC set…

1976 SSPC #47 Jim CrawfordJim Crawford Says… Huh? Whuzzat? You wanna see my Don Wilson memorial patch? Sure, check it out.

‘Round here, folks call me:  Catfish

You may remember me from… Pitching in relief with the Astros and Tigers for several years.

In 1976, Crawford… Was largely a guy out of the bullpen, but did pitch the only complete game of his career, which is notable given that over his career he had just 14 starts in 181 games.

1976 SSPC #47 Jim Crawford backSo… take your time… and tell me… Is it Shea?  Yes, it’s Shea.

About the back of the card:  There’s a reference to Arizona State being “the baseball factory”, and that’s a reference both to ASU’s status as one of the premier college baseball programs, but also to the impressive bunch of players to come out of ASU in the Sixties and Seventies.  At the top of the heap were Sal Bando, Rick Monday and Reggie Jackson, but at the time this set came out there were other Major Leaguers like Duffy Dyer, Larry Gura, Gary Gentry, Lenny Randle, Craig Swan, and Eddie Bane.

After the set, you had players like Bob Horner, Bump Wills, Ken Landreaux, Hubie Brooks, Marty Barrett, Mike Devereaux, Paul LoDuca, Dustin Pedroia, Ian Kinsler, Andre Ethier… Oh, and Barry Bonds. Yeah, him.

One other thing about the back… “Denver” refers to the Denver Bears, the Astros’ AAA team in 1974.

More about that memorial patch…Don Wilson was an outstanding Astros pitcher in the Sixties and Seventies who died of carbon monoxide poisoning in January, 1975. At the beginning of the 1975 season, the Astros retired Wilson’s #40 and they wore the above patch for the 1975 season.


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