Johnny Podres Has The Measles!

1969 Topps Johnny Podres…and it’s such a bad case that it’s spread to his uniform!

My scanner seems to take a perverse joy out of enhancing any flaws present in the cards I own.  I recently got this card at a show, and it’s nowhere near as bad in person… in fact, I hadn’t even noticed it until I scanned it.

I added this card near the top of my wantlist as soon as I found out about it… I mean, who can resist a card of Podres on the Padres?  It makes you wonder if the Padres got him mainly because his name is Podres.

Podres of the Padres is right up there with Dave Philley of the Phillies… I mean, how many instances of such a thing could there possibly be?  Jim Brewer never pitched for the Brewers… Reggie Cleveland never pitched for the Indians, nor did Daryl Boston ever play for the Red Sox.

Does anybody know of any similar name games in any sport?


2 thoughts on “Johnny Podres Has The Measles!

  1. I know one example here in the Portuguese Football (your soccer…) league. We have a team called S.C. Braga (same name as the city it is from) and there is a player named Braga but playing for other national team. It’s quite confusing sometimes.

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