1976 SSPC: #83 Steve Yeager

Moving on through the 1976 SSPC set…

1976 SSPC #83 Steve YeagerHi, I’m Steve Yeager!  You may remember me from…  Catching 1181 games with the Dodgers over 14 seasons, plus playing in 5 NLCS’s and three World Series.

In 1976, Steve Yeager… was the starting catcher for the Dodgers and lead the NL in assists by a catcher.  He also had a career high (tied in 1983) with 3 triples.  1976 was also the year that a piece of a shattered bat pierced his throat which resulted in some extensive surgery.  He later invented a throat guard which hangs off the bottom of a catcher’s mask.

So… take your time… and tell me… Is it Shea?  This is one of the easier ones because of the scoreboard.  Hell yeah, it’s Shea!

Steve Yeager’s card is brought to you by… The ads on the left of the card are for Schaefer Beer (which I’m surprised to find still exists) and Manufacturers Hanover (a.k.a. “Manny Hanny”, a bank that was merged out of existence 20+ years ago).  Both used to be major sponsors of the Mets, and Schaefer used to be a major sponsor of the Brooklyn Dodgers, judging from photos I’ve seen of Ebbetts Field.

1976 SSPC #83 Steve Yeager backBetcha didn’t know: Steve is the nephew of retired Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, former test pilot and the first man to break the sound barrier. I started to wonder if there was a connection when I saw that Steve is from West Virginia, and I knew Chuck is from WV because I’ve flown into Yeager Airport in Charleston, WV (They chopped the top off a mountain to build it so you don’t land as much as the airport comes up to greet you).


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