1970 Topps Cleon Jones Booklet: Don’t Judge This Book By Its Cover!

I got “The Cleon Jones Story” at a show not long ago, mainly because it was a Mets oddball. These booklets were inserted into packs of 1970 Topps.

You’ve got to admit, it’s not very exciting when you look at the front…
1970 Topps Booklets Cleon Jones_0001

…or the back.
1970 Topps Booklets Cleon Jones_0002

But just when you’re thinking of heading off to the recliner to take a power nap, you pull it out of it’s penny sleeve, open it up and — TA-DA!!! Instant fun!
1970 Topps Booklets Cleon Jones_0003

1970 Topps Booklets Cleon Jones_0004

1970 Topps Booklets Cleon Jones_0005

So what’s not to like? It’s entertaining, colorful and edumacational! Normally, these are truly little booklets, but this particular one came apart into two different sheets, which made it easy to scan.

I’ve also got the Tommy Harper booklet (part of my Seattle Pilots collection), and I might have to keep an eye out for more of these… Mike Cuellar would fit in my Orioles collection, and I’ll buy anything with Rusty Staub’s picture on it.

I’ll bet Al Ferrara’s booklet is interesting… He was working on an acting career, and by the time these booklets came out, he’d already done guest spots on TV shows like Gilligan’s Island and Batman… and no, he didn’t play a baseball player named “Al”.

If anyone else has posted entire booklets on their blogs, feel free to leave a link in the comments; I’d be very interested to see them!


3 thoughts on “1970 Topps Cleon Jones Booklet: Don’t Judge This Book By Its Cover!

  1. Cleon Jones made the last out of the ’69 Series. 44 years later and I still haven’t gotten over that moment. My wife thinks I need therapy.

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