I Went To A Show And Got This 1962 Elio Cha— Hey, Is That Frank Robinson???

1962 Topps Elio ChaconI’ve been working on my 1960’s Mets team sets, and got a bunch at a recent show.  The most interesting of the cards was this Elio Chacón card.  This is card #256, which means it’s from the 3rd Series, but it also pictures Chacón in a Reds uniform (The Mets got Chacón from Cincinnati in the expansion draft).

…So, if we look at the left-hand side of the card, we see a player in a Reds uniform wearing #20… Gotta be Frank Robinson, don’tcha think?

This wasn’t the only “run in” that Elio had with a future Hall-Of-Famer; Chacón got into a brawl with Willie Mays during a Mets/Giants game in 1962.  Chacón had a grudge against Mays from a spiking in 1961 that resulted in 10 stitches, Orlando Cepeda was angry with Mets pitcher Roger Craig for a beaning in the 1st inning, and it all boiled over on an attempted pickoff of Mays at 2nd… check it out:

…So now you can say you went to a baseball card blog and a fight broke out.

Here are two other Mets cards I got at the same show, both well-loved.
1963 Post Roger Craig

I’ve been adding Post & Kellogg’s cards to my Mets collection as I run across them, but I’m starting to wonder if I should go after these sets more aggressively.

1970 Kellogg's Tommie Agee

I guess it would help if I knew what cards I don’t have, wouldn’t it?  I think as far as Mets are concerned, collecting Post means just 1963.  Kellogg’s is another matter, though.  Guess I’ll have to work on that.

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