Why A Div. III School In Phillies Country Loves The Mets… Kinda… Sorta…

Alvernia University is a Division III school located just over an hour from Philadelphia.  It’s in Reading, Pa., which is also home of the Phillies’ AA team, the Reading Fightin’ Phils.

…So why would anyone from Alvernia have any interest in the New York Mets?

I’ll give you two reasons: Mets catcher and Alvernia alumnus Anthony Recker…

2013 TSR #308 - Anthony Recker

…and infielder/Alvernia alumnus Zach Lutz.

2013 TSR #317 - Zach Lutz

Few Division III schools have had any alumni in the majors, but the Mets have two from the same school.  This is the first time two former Division III players from the same school were on the same MLB roster at the same time.  Recker is three years older than Lutz, but they did overlap at Alvernia, playing together in 2005.

And just to add to the jealousy of other D-3 baseball programs, neither one is the first Alvernia Crusader to play in the Majors.  That would be this guy:

2002 Topps Heritage Wade Miller

Wade Miller was the Astros’ 20th round pick in the 1996 draft and had a career 62-46 record with the Astros, Red Sox and Cubs.

A couple of the other former D-3 players currently in the Majors are Padres outfielder Chris Denorfia (Wheaton College in Massachusetts) and Nationals pitcher Jordan Zimmermann (University Of Wisconsin/Stevens Point).

2 thoughts on “Why A Div. III School In Phillies Country Loves The Mets… Kinda… Sorta…

  1. Wow, Alvernia must of had some pretty good yrs in that era.
    I think some of the local colleges play at Reading for local tourneys and big games.
    Chris Heisey (Reds) is out of Messiah (near where I grew up – sort of Harrisburg PA area) pretty sure they are D3.

    • I’m pretty sure I did see Heisey on a list of D-3 players, I just forgot to include him. Sorry, Chris.

      Oh, that’s where Messiah is. I’ve spent some time in SE Pennsylvania and Messiah sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure if it was just a random brain cell misfiring. :-)

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