“Shoulda Been” Heritage #’s 3 & 4: Chris Denorfia and Kyle Blanks

When I posted my first “Shoulda Been” card, Marcus over at “All The Way To The Backstop” pointed out that there are two Padres who have played a significant role with the team and yet do not have a card in any 2013 Topps products… Those two Padres are Chris Denorfia and Kyle Blanks.

While neither one is likely to start in the All-Star game, they’ve both played well enough to warrant cardboard.  I don’t know why Topps hasn’t included them, but here I go, once again cleaning up their mess after them:

2013 Schmeritage #3 Chris Denorfia
2013 Schmeritage #4 Kyle Blanks

Hope you like them, Marcus!

If there are any players you’d like to see on a 2013 Heritage/1964 Topps design, but Topps has not come through, leave a comment for me… I’ll do my best to rectify the situation.


7 thoughts on ““Shoulda Been” Heritage #’s 3 & 4: Chris Denorfia and Kyle Blanks

  1. Thanks! I love ’em, these look awesome! The shot of Deno looks slick, and it’s cool that the Blanks has the digital camo and the Western Metal Supply building lurking in the background. Great job!

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