Luke’s Secret Yen For Japanese Currency!

1977 Topps Star Wars #224

I had a friend in high school who was fond of bad puns, and every now and then, when the situation warranted, he’d profess “I have a yen for Japanese currency”.  Because of that lame joke, I smile every time I see this Star Wars card.

1977 Topps Star Wars R2-D2A little over a year ago I posted this image of my R2-D2 card from the same set, and all I said was “Back in 1977, I bought one pack of Star Wars cards. This card is one of the few survivors.”

How wrong I was.

I should know better than to deny my inner pack rat.  I recently unearthed a  couple of packs worth of 1977 Star Wars Series 4 cards…  I’m surprised I didn’t find them earlier, but maybe it had something to do with the old man who happened to be nearby and kept saying something like “These aren’t the cards you’re looking for…”

1977 Topps Star Wars Sticker 54

You know what I appreciate about these old non-sports cards?  Topps was not afraid to crop images.  So many movie- and TV-based sets these days put the entire screen’s worth of images onto a standard-sized card, and YOU CAN’T SEE ANYTHING!

1977 Topps Star Wars #234
The snarky, former proofreader in my head says “Tarkin is ‘envisioning the rebel’s destruction’? Which particular rebel would that be?”

Peter Cushing, the serious looking gentleman who’s doing the envisioning, played Doctor Who in a pair of 1960’s movies… and before you click on that “Comments” button, in these movies the character was called “Doctor Who”, not “The Doctor”.  When the TV show was adapted for the big screen, they apparently thought it would be a good idea to change the story around a bit, perhaps for American audiences who knew nothing of Daleks or Police Call Boxes.

2 thoughts on “Luke’s Secret Yen For Japanese Currency!

  1. I’m not sure how frequently a Star Wars series was released, but it had to be pretty quick if that was the 4th series and it was still 1977 (the year the movie was released).

    • I didn’t realize it was the 4th series until I looked it up a few weeks ago and saw green border = 4th series. I guess Topps still had some facility to issue multiple small series, and when the saw the movie take off, they said “What the heck, let’s keep going back to that well!”

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