“Shoulda Been” Heritage #’s 5 & 6: A Very Belated Edward Mujica And Matt Carpenter

After my last “Shoulda Been” Heritage post, the esteemed Mr. Superduperman99 over at Fantastic Catch pointed out that the Cardinals have two All-Stars who were slighted by not being included on Heritage cards:
Edward Mujica (Tied for 4th in the Majors with 30 saves)
2013 Schmeritage Edward Mujica

…and Matt Carpenter, who’s leading the Majors with 79 runs, 2nd with 32 doubles and among the MLB leaders in hits, batting average and OBP… and all this while playing 79 games at 2B, 30 at 3B and making cameo appearances at 1B and in right field.
2013 Schmeritage Matt Carpenter

My sincere apologies go out to Mr. Ninety-Nine for the delay… Time just got away from me.  This morning, when I realized how long it had been, I believe my exact words were “GAAAAAHHHH!!!!!”

I will make it up to him by buying something out of his COMC store.

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