Review: 2013 Baseball Hall Of Fame Desk Calendar

This seems as good a time as any to review a calendar… Far enough into the year that I can share what the calendar’s like, but early enough to possibly influence your 2014 purchases.

Now before we get to this calendar, I’ll give you a little background on my calendar “addiction”.  While at work I have a tendency to stare at things while I’m deep in thought – or, to be fair, just staring off into the distance.  Because of my work habits, I like to get several wall calendar and a desk calendar each year, to better fill my staring needs.

I even use one or two of them as calendars!

I’ve had the HOF wall calendars before, but they wore thin as each month went along.  One can stare at Rollie Fingers’ shoes for only so long.

But the Baseball Hall Of Fame desk calendar? Oh, that’s a different story. If you don’t like a particular image, you get rid of it the next day… and there are some very cool images in the calendar.

As you might expect, you get the HOF plaques of different players… I don’t mean to be overly critical, but it’s interesting how some of them really don’t look like the player being honored.  I think Phil Rizzuto’s image looks more like Harry Morgan (Dragnet, MASH) than it does like Scooter.
2013 Baseball HOF calendar July 4
Mule muffins!  Horse hockey!  Cow cookies!  And other Colonel Potter-isms!

There are interesting photos, like this one of a 37-year-old Earl Weaver posting his first Major League lineup…
2013 Baseball HOF calendar July 11

There are many artfully-arranged items from the HOF’s vast collection…
2013 Baseball HOF calendar July 19

There are World Series programs and stadium postcards and other types of unusual collectibles…
2013 Baseball HOF calendar May 22

…And there are BASEBALL CARDS!
2013 Baseball HOF calendar April 15

2013 Baseball HOF calendar May 20

The baseball cards come up once or twice a week, but what I enjoy most about them is that they “share the wealth”… Obviously, they only show cards for Hall Of Famers, but they’re not beating us over the head with cards that collectors have seen over and over again… We get to see Willie McCovey cards and Hoyt Wilhelm cards instead of seeing a 1952 Mantle for the 9,236,764th time.

I’m really enjoying this calendar, and would definitely buy another one. This gets my Seal Of Approval.

2002 Topps Simpsons Krusty Seal Sticker

2002 Topps Simpsons Krusty Seal Of Approval Sticker

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