Back By Popular Demand: More Simon & Gintfunkel

After my last post featuring Simon & Gintfunkel cards, someone told me that they couldn’t find any S&G cards in the stores.  I don’t know what to say about that; if you go into any “All About The Washingtons” store near me, there are packs all over the place.

At any rate, I know people are waiting with bated breath for Allen & Ginter to come out, so I’ll try to help you through the dark times with more Simon & Gintfunkel cards.

The last time around, Mr. N. Owl, Esq. commented about how a Mini Cooper made him think of Winnie Cooper, and then he sighed wistfully.  Well, when I opened this pack – how crazy is this? – I pulled a card of “Wonder Years” actress Danica McKellar herself!

2013 Gintfunkel Danica McKellar

These days, Danica’s known as an mathematician – she graduated summa cum laude from UCLA, was co-author of a mathematical theorem (The Chayes-McKellar-Winn Theorem) and has a series of books written to explain mathematics to girls.

Why is it that child stars either end up at either end of the spectrum?  It seems like they either end up in endless rehab or they become multi-talented, well-r0unded people who co-author theorems.  Are there any former child stars who manage a Wendy’s or work in an auto body shop?

Moving right along, we have another card that – amazingly enough – is tied to current events.
2013 Gintfunkel Rufous-Necked Wood Rail
The bird-watching world was recently shocked when a Rufous-necked Wood Rail appeared in New Mexico. This bird is apparently rare in its native South American habitat, and had never been sighted in the U.S. before.  I won’t say that the birders are a-twitter.  Remember that;  I didn’t stoop that low.

Here’s a card from the “Small Kitchen Appliances” subset…
2013 Gintfunkel Coffee Pot

By the way, I just learned how to put a thin border around my images, and this helps keep the greyish-white cards from blending into the greyish-white background.

All these cards and I still haven’t gotten a baseball player – what is up with that? – but I did get a cricketer.
2013 Gintfunkel Shane Watson
Shane Watson is one of Australia’s top cricketers and is currently – if I’m not mistaken – playing for Australia in an international tournament called The Ashes.  Beyond the fact that The Ashes are a trophy of some sort which involves wickets burned into ashes, and the fact that The Ashes were a plot device in one of the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy books, I can’t give you any more information.  What, do I have to do everything for you?  Go Google it, ya lazy bum.

In my younger days I became intrigued by Cricket and tried to read up on it in an attempt to understand it. One guy throws the ball, another guy tries to hit the ball, other guys try to catch the batted ball… Close enough to baseball, right? Years later, at a company picnic for my employer at the time, a bunch of people started playing cricket, so I wandered over to check it out.  Despite my prior attempts at education, I found that once the ball was batted, I completely lost track of what was going on. So much for false confidence.

Getting back to the pack of S&G, I also got a parallel.
2013 Gintfunkel Parallel Port

I should have more for you sometime next week… Hopefully competing with Allen & Ginter cards won’t be too much of a good thing.


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