Pack Animal! 2013 Topps MLS (Soccer, Not “Multiple Listing Service”)

…although now that I think about it, the real estate website wouldn’t be any more ridiculous of a subject than some other card sets that are put out.  “Awesome, I got a relic from that cute Colonial in Bohemia, NY!”

I was in Target last night and figured I’d give this pack a try… I’ve attended a few matches in my day, and I’ll watch it on TV every so often, but I’m not really a soccer fan.  It’ll be something of an accomplishment if I recognize anybody in this pack.

My $2 got me 6 cards… Full-bleed, foil stamped cards, but it’s still a shade on the pricey side for me (…He said, as if he were going to buy more than the one pack)

Here’s who I got (in order of pull):

Brad Davis – Houston Dynamo

2013 Topps MLS Brad Davis

I like the stripey effect down the side of the full-bleed card, but don’t let the scan fool you:  The foil player name and position, set against the photo, are a pain in the arse to read.  I hate to rain on their “high end” parade, but this design would’ve looked a lot better as a conventional card design, with the stripes and name and position set against a solid background.  That’s just my old-school amateur graphics guy opinion.

Deshorn Brown – Colorado Rapids 

Danny Califf – Toronto FC  – Purple parallel?
2013 Topps MLS Danny Califf Purple

The opinion of an obstinate American:  What the hell kind of name is “Toronto F.C.”?  Get a damn nickname!

Man, I’m cranky this morning, aren’t I?

A.J. Soares – New England Revolution

2013 Topps MLS AJ Soares

This is my favorite card in the pack just because it shows someone doing something other than running with/after the ball.

Todd Dunavant – LA Galaxy

Boniek Garcia – Houston Dynamo 
2013 Topps MLS Boniek Garcia

I also like this card from a strictly visual standpoint… it’s an appealingly colorful card.

So there you go.  Nothing terribly exciting and nobody I’ve heard of.

What would’ve made the pack completely worthwhile for me would have been if I’d pulled one of the “1978 English Footballer” inserts, which is a tribute to an A&BC Footballer design that the British company had licensed from Topps, and which had originally been 1977 Topps Football on this side of the Atlantic.  That would be a cool addition to my oddball binder.

As it is, these cards will probably be given to some fortunate child at Halloween, if I can find enough other soccer cards to make a decent-sized homemade pack.  “Hey, kids, check it out!  1994 World Cup cards!”

Just scanning the checklist for this set and there are MLS players I’ve heard of, just so you don’t think it was a lost cause.  Thierry Henry, Juninho, Landon Donovan… And that’s about it.  OK, so it’s nearly a lost cause, but not completely.

…And from looking at the checklist, I’ve got a new favorite soccer player —  Gláuber of the Columbus Crew.  If I remember correctly from my 30-years-past German classes,  “Glauber” is German for “believer”… So if Justin Bieber has “Bieber Believers”, then does this guy have “Gláuber Glaubers”?


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