COMC Search Tips

As a buyer and seller on COMC, I spend a fair amount of time on the site, and in the process I’ve learned a couple of ways to better search for the cards I’m looking for.  I’d like to share my new-found knowledge with my bestest, bestest buddies.

The first tip is something I stumbled across when I was searching “1970 Seattle Pilots”.  I’d meant to search on just the Pilots team card from 1970 Topps, but instead I got every Pilots card from 1970.  That’s when I found out that COMC has cards indexed by team name.

Being able to search on team names is a very nice capability to have… Let’s say you wanted to look for a 1970 Topps card you saw on someone’s blog, but all you can remember was that it was some guy named “Chico” on the Orioles.  No problem, just search on:

1970 Chico Orioles

And voila!

1970 Topps Chico Salmon

Sometimes searches can give you too much information, and you need a way to limit the results you get.  For an example, I’ve been working on my 1972 Topps Mets team set, and I had been searching on “1972 Topps Mets” to find cards I was interested in.  This got shot to hell when Topps started including the “1972 Minis” and “1972 basketball” inserts into this year’s products;  My “1972 Mets” search started pulling those cards up as well.

The unwanted search results are very annoying, but easily resolved…  COMC’s search engine allows you to put a dash (or hyphen or minus sign or whatever you want to call it) in front of anything you want to exclude from your search.  I now search using this:

1972 topps mets -mini -basketball

This will give me cards that have something to do with 1972 and Mets, but excludes anything which has “mini” or “basketball” in the card’s information.  Please note that there’s no space between the dash and the search terms.

You can also exclude phrases from your search… Let’s say you want to search on Daryl Boston cards, but don’t want any Red Sox players named Daryl (like the immortal Daryl Irvine).  You can use this:

Daryl Boston baseball -“Red Sox”

…again, there’s no space between the dash and the first quotation mark.  This will pull up anything for Daryl, Boston and baseball, but not anything for “Red Sox”.  I included the word “baseball” to avoid getting any cards of guys named Daryl who played for the Bruins or Celtics.

By the way, the dash also works with Google and most other search engines.

So there you go, I hope you find these tips useful.  I’ll be back in another week or two to share one way you can “save” (sort of) your searches.

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