1976 SSPC: #424 Luis Tiant (Red Sox)

1976 SSPC #424 Luis Tiant
Luis Tiant is known for having more career wins than any other Cuban in the 20th century, being named to three All-Star games, having two wins in the 1975 World Series, leading the league in ERA and shutouts multiple times, having four 20 win seasons, three 200 strikeout seasons and winning the 1972 AL Comeback Player Of The Year award.

In 1976, Luis Tiant… went 21-12, was an All-Star and finished 5th in Cy Young voting (although he didn’t get any first-place votes).

So… take your time… and tell me… Is it Shea?  No, it’s not.  I think it’s Original Yankee Stadium.

Betcha didn’t know… Luis lead the AL with 20 losses in 1969, just one season after winning 21 games.

1976 Joe says… This card is cool!

2013 Joe says… Tiant had a lot of cool cards, I think it was the mustache and the “You know, I killed a man once” expression.

1976 SSPC #424 Luis Tiant back

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