Pack Animal! 2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions

I bought a pack to see what these were like, and – DAMMIT! – I’m going to get a blog post for my money!

…Not that the pack was a waste of money, but this really isn’t my kind of set.

Here are a couple of the highlights…

2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Robin Ventura
I’ve always liked Robin Ventura… Not enough to actively collect him, but enough to hang on to this card.  Were there no color photos of the 1988 Olympic baseball team?

2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Jordan Swagerty
Jordan Swagerty is currently in the low-levels of the Cardinals organization after being a 2nd round pick in 2010. There’s way too much going on in the card design for my taste. “Less is more”, Panini dudes.

2013 Panini USA Baseball Champions Nick Castellanos
This was the insert that I got.  You know what I like about this card?  The patch in the background is the one used on the right sleeve of the Team USA uniform, and the blue field is properly shown in the upper right in this context because the blue field should always be facing forward (as if it was on an imaginary flagpole).

BTW, Nick Castellanos is a top Tigers prospect.

The other players I got were Rockies prospect David Dahl, Rays prospect Mikie Mahtook, former MLB pitcher Jack McDowell, and former MLB infielder Warren Morris.

Just a little note of appreciation to Panini: My pack came with a thick piece of blank white cardboard, roughly the thickness of a relic card. If this thwarts just one pack-feeler, then it all would have been worthwhile.

While this set isn’t my particular cup of tea, I do appreciate that Panini is trying different things while working around the lack of an MLB license.


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