My 1976 SSPC Dilemma… and A Chris Chambliss card!

As some of you know, I bought 1,200 1976 SSPC cards a few months ago in the hopes of getting something approximating the entire 630 card set.  I’ve been sharing images of the cards, but I haven’t said anything about the purchase since that original post.

“Joe,” I hear you ask, “You bought all those cards; did you get a complete set out of it?”

SSPC reaction

Um…. No.

Despite all those cards, I ended up with just over 2/3rds of the set.

Naturally, the biggest stars in the set are among the missing third.  My “haul” wasn’t quite the haul I thought it was.

There were also a couple of teams where I got no cards at all, and I got one and only one Yankee

1976 SSPC #434 Chris Chambliss

A few weeks ago, Jim over at The Phillies Room posted his 1976 SSPC Phillies here and here (note:  links corrected on 8/22), and he was concerned that he might be stealing some of my thunder.  The reality of that is that I have no thunder to steal… I don’t have a damn one of those Phillies, and when I saw Joe Hoerner and his straw hat, I said “Aw, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!”

So that’s where I stand.  What am I going to do next?

Frankly, I don’t know.  I’m still trying to work out how much time and money I want to put into this set from here on out.

Since 1976 SSPC doesn’t have the demand of other vintage sets, and since they’re considered by some to be unlicensed sets, complete sets are relatively cheap.   If a full set is my objective, it might be easiest and most cost-effective to just buy a set… but that also makes my earlier purchase pointless.  Not the end of the world, but…

I don’t think there’s much point in attempting to complete the partial set I have.  Even if I managed to get all the remaining cards for a quarter apiece — a questionable assumption given the stars involved – it would cost me over $50 to do that, and it’s not out of the question to get a complete set on eBay for not much more than that.

I could keep an eye on eBay for lots of cards, but I’m thinking that’s more effort than I want to put into this set.

The game plan I’m leaning towards at the moment would be to work towards complete the Mets team set, pick up those cards of players I like and cards with cool photos, and then leave it at that… but I haven’t checked into the cost-effectiveness of this plan, or how many cards would be on my wantlist if I went this way.

So, yeah, I’m largely clueless now… especially with regards to this set (bah dum bum).  I suppose it took me 37 years to get these cards in the first place, I don’t need to be rushing into anything just now.

I do have plenty of cards to share, so I will continue to do so… Just don’t get upset with me when I skip past the Phillies, Yankees and Orioles.

…and if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.

1976 SSPC #434 Chris Chambliss back


4 thoughts on “My 1976 SSPC Dilemma… and A Chris Chambliss card!

  1. Joe… your original goal was a complete set, yes? Hang the cost, go for it. Look, anyone can find a complete set on eBay, hit the PayPal button and own it. But grabbing what is essentially a huge starter lot and then going after the rest is what makes life (as a collector) worth living. Flip the dupes for whatever you can get and use that money to start finding small lots and individual cards you lack.

    Imagine how you’ll feel when you slide that last, hard earned SSPC, that elusive sneering Mike Lum SSPC, into your binder.

    Of course it’s easy for me to spend your $$$. ;-)

    • I forgot to mention in my post that since the cards were originally sold only in sets, it might make it more difficult to reassemble an already-broken-up set.

      That being said, I’m leaning towards the idea of continuing to acquire the cards I really want, and maybe by that point I’ll be close enough to having a complete set that I may as well go ahead and complete the set. Maybe some low bids on eBay lots can turn this sucker around, :-D

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