Simon And Gintfunkel Cards Show Up In The Most Unexpected Places…

My wife and I had pizza for dinner the other night, and while I was tearing up the pizza box to put in the garbage, this Simon & Gintfunkel parallel fell out of the lid.

2013 Gintfunkel Billy Shears

What the heck is a 1-of-1 S&G insert doing inside a pizza box?

According to the checklist I downloaded from the S&G website, this is from “Subset Number Nine… Number Nine… Number Nine…” It seems to have something to do with the “Paul Is Dead” hoax of the late 1960’s, and probably has clues or a code hidden on it, but I wasn’t much in the mood to figure it out.

The garbage bag was filled up by the pizza box, so I had to take it to the trash can out back. The weather’s been rainy and cool lately and – damn! – I’d left my jacket in the car. There was an old hoodie in the hall closet, one I hadn’t worn in months. I felt something in the pocket, and said “Cool, found money!”

…But it wasn’t money, it was another S&G card.

2013 Gintfunkel American Cockroach

A card from the “North American Vermin” subset. How the hell did they get that card in my closet?

Mrs. S asked me what I was getting worked up about, but as I was walking over to show her, I dropped the cards on the floor. When I went to pick them up, I saw this taped to the bottom of the kitchen table:

2013 Gintfunkel Erica Hill

The entire “Weekend Network TV Host” subset was on my wantlist, so this is a cool get, but still…

I don’t know if you’ve had anything like this happen, but they’re starting to freak me out with this stuff. I mean, how can the possibly get this cards in places where there’s no way they’d have —

Wait a second.

Don’t move…

…What’s this behind your ear?

2013 Gintfunkel Ryan Stiles


5 thoughts on “Simon And Gintfunkel Cards Show Up In The Most Unexpected Places…

  1. Fantastic! I’m going to try to track down the other cards from “Subset Number Nine… Number Nine… Number Nine…” I’m particularly interested in tracking down the Cranberry Sauce card from the subset.

    • “Gums”? I’ll have to pay closer attention next weekend.

      This post actually started out as an attempt to do a DaVinci Code-esque storyline into which Erica Hill played a small but significant role, but as they said in “This Is Spinal Tap”, there’s such a fine line between stupid and clever. I decided that what I’d written fell on the “stupid” side of that line, so I scrapped it.

    • I’m still working my way through a blaster, but if I need the Mochrie when I’m done then you’ve got yourself a deal.

      I can’t believe how much the value of the Chip Esten card went up after people realized that “Chip Esten” from WLIIA is the same as “Charles Esten” who plays Deacon Claybourne on that TV show “Nashville”. *sigh* I’ll never be able to afford the parallels…

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