It’s Got A Great Personality!

Many of you have been through this… Someone tries to fix you up with a friend of theirs, and you’re open to the idea… until they show you a photo and you find that the lady bears a strong resemblance to Seth Rogen.  Apprehension builds, but when you actually meet her you realize that it was a bad photo, she’s cuter than you expected… and hey, she’s got a pretty smile and she’s really fun to be around, and the headshot you were shown left out some of her… ahem… nicer attributes.

I’m hoping that something like that happens with 2014 Topps, because when I saw this image that Topps tweeted…

2014 Topps Yasiel Puig image

…my first reaction was “Oh!  Well… that is… very… errrr… elaborate…”  (In my head this is being said in an English accent, possibly by David Tennant).

It left me wondering if Topps has hired some graphic artists from Panini, where on the wall in their Graphic Design office, they apparently hang large banners which say “Too many design elements is never enough”.

The questionable attractiveness of the card design got me thinking.

Had this happened 10-20 years ago, I’d be hoping that one of the other 600+ card base sets was more attractive so I could focus my pack-bustin’ activities there, and maybe buy a complete set of Topps when it became available.

…But thanks to Major League Baseball and Topps, I don’t have that option.

Maybe that’s just as well.  Over the past two years, I’ve spent a lot of my “cardboard time” organizing and purging my collection, updating my database, and hunting down wanted vintage cards.  Because I get my jollies in other ways, my pack-ripping is down significantly from prior years.

Since I don’t have as much need to bust wax, and since I’m looking forward to next year’s Heritage set far more than I generally look forward to Heritage, I may switch things up next year.  I’m thinking about devoting most of my 2014 pack-busting activity to Heritage, and, when the time comes, purchasing a factory set of 2014 Topps (and selling whatever useless shiny insert comes with it).  I suppose I  might even consider buying some Archives, depending on what designs they use.

I know I’m late to the 2014 Topps party, but I’ll ask anyway…

Are any of you changing your plans after seeing the preview of 2014 Topps?


7 thoughts on “It’s Got A Great Personality!

  1. At least they put the players position back on the front.
    I just think the teams name on the right should be cut off. With the Teams logo already in the bottom left corner no need for more intrusion on the photo.

    • That is true, I should be happy that the position is back after a couple of years… and even though 2011 had the position, it was easily overlooked and hard to read.

      You know, it wasn’t until the 3rd or 4th time I looked at the image that I realized that the bar on the right WAS the team name. I just thought it was a weird design thing.

  2. I think pretty much every design since, oh, maybe 1991 has been dull, boring, repetitive and ugly. Honestly, has there been a design that screams “baseball” the way the ’65 design does since 1991 (and I’m being generous)? Mostly, now, they scream Apple and Windows and X-Box and (occasionally) Ms. Pac Man. I still buy them, but I’ve focused on Heritage primarily for many years. Remember, kids: just say no to foil stamping.

  3. My focus is on Reds cards only, so I won’t be buying any packs. I don’t think I’ve bought any packs of 2013 Topps either. Not that I hate the design, just that I know it’s cheaper to buy the team set on eBay than buy packs.

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