Macaroni & Cheese & Puckett & Gwynn

Another item from the box in my closet known here as “The Vault”…

To all appearances, it’s a ordinary, mild-mannered box which used to contain Kraft Macaroni And Cheese…

1987 Kraft Mac & Cheese front


What’s this?!?  “Free Home Plate Hero Baseball Players Cards”????

…and the Dynamic Duo spring into action!

1987 Kraft Mac & Cheese Puckett Gwynn

Yes, it’s a pair of amazing team-logo-free ersatz baseball cards of Major League Baseball Player Association members Kirby Puckett and Tony Gwynn!

I believe that Kraft Home Plate Heroes was the winner of the “Least Interesting Baseball Cards” award for 1987.

Just remember, kids… the box says “Best When Purchased By APR 3-88″… If I still had the Mac & Cheese, then that implies that it would’ve been safe to eat.  After all, I did PURCHASE it before April 3rd, 1988.

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