More Favorites From 1975 Topps Football

In the continuing celebration of my completing the 1975 Topps football set, I share more cards from that set.

Jim Braxton was a pretty darn good running back; unfortunately he played in the shadow of some guy named Orenthal James Simpson.
1975 Topps Football Jim Braxton
…but hey, you’ve gotta love the miscut.

This is a pretty good airbrushing job for the time, and it’s also fairly odd.
1975 Topps Football John Hadl
It looks like Hadl’s jersey is airbrushed but not his pants.  He’d previously played for the Rams, so maybe those are Ram pants?  What really seals the deal in terms of oddity is the player on the far left… He looks like he’s airbrushed.  Why would you airbrush a player on the other team?  And why is nobody wearing white jerseys?  Mysteries upon mysteries…

1975 Topps Football All-Pro Wide Receivers
A forty-years-too-late note for Fred Biletnikoff:  Long hair does not work for you.

1975 Topps Football Bob Hoskins
I really liked Bob Hoskins in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”… Oh, wait, I think this is a different guy.


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