1993 McDonald’s GameDay Pittsburgh Steelers Sheets

I hereby present these sheets of McDonald’s GameDay cards in honor of the 20th anniversary of that memorable 1993 Steelers team which went 9-7, finished second to the Houston Oilers – The Houston Oilers! – in the AFC Central and then lost in the Wild Card game to the Kansas City Chiefs.

1993 McDonald's GameDay Steelers sheet 1 front

Just to be clear, this is a commemoration of that anniversary and has nothing to do with the fact that I just unearthed these sheets from a box in the closet.

Do you know how long ago 1993 was?

In 1993, Los Angeles had TWO NFL TEAMS!

1993 McDonald's GameDay Steelers sheet 1 back

In 1993, the Cardinals were the Phoenix Cardinals, not the Arizona Cardinals!

1993 McDonald's GameDay Steelers sheet 2 front

In 1993, the Seahawks were in the AFC!

1993 McDonald's GameDay Steelers sheet 2 back

In 1993, the Cleveland Browns were the ORIGINAL Cleveland Browns, and the Ravens –
[pause while I spit on the ground]
– didn’t yet exist.

1993 McDonald's GameDay Steelers sheet 3 front

In 1993, the Tennessee Titans were still the Houston Oilers, and the Jaguars, Panthers and Texans were just a glint in Paul Tagliabue’s eye.

1993 McDonald's GameDay Steelers sheet 3 back

These sheets seem to have been issued for most, if not all, teams and they seem to be plentiful. Did I mention that these cards are from 1993? I think I may have.

As for the Steelers, hopefully (please, please, please) tonight’s game won’t be as dreadful to watch as last week’s game. And, since I’ve been working on filling in my Steelers team sets, I may show off some of my Steelers collection on each game day… If I can stay organized for the remaining 15 weeks. At this point, I’m not thinking playoffs. Prove me wrong, Black & Gold!


4 thoughts on “1993 McDonald’s GameDay Pittsburgh Steelers Sheets

  1. I remember having the Jets team sheet. I have to see if I still do. I know I have other Game Day cards in my Jets collection.

    Man the NFL has changed a lot since I was a kid. I remember when the Cardinals were still in St . Louis and the Rams were in LA.

  2. I prefer to see my Pennsylvania football players in green, but that’s just me. So, thanks for stopping by my blog awhile ago. Sorry it took me this long to make it over here! I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll (mostly just my way of remembering which blogs I read). As for LI being Mets country now, I took a very informal poll of the people I worked with and it did seem to be a fairly even split. I made a comment that Mets fans seem to be more vocal about their team and was informed (by a Yankees fan) that they don’t need to talk big since their team actually wins games. I try to stay out of the line of fire when they start talking smack across the aisles at each other. Anyway, I’m glad you stopped by, come back anytime, and I’ll be quiet now :)

    • Hey, Amy! Thanks for responding.

      I had to laugh at the comment from the Yankees fan that “they don’t need to talk big”. Really? Then who are these Yankees fans that wear the “Got rings?” t-shirts and have been taking delight in getting in my face for the past 40 years?

      To be fair, I’m sure the Yankee fan you spoke to is one of the knowledgeable minority who knows who the middle relievers and backup catchers are. I’ve found that the most obnoxious Yankees fans are the bandwagon fans that really don’t know much about baseball, but just like being associated with a winning team… and like to remind you constantly that they ARE on the winning team (even though less than a fifth of the 27 World Championships they like to crow about actually occurred within their lifetime).

      …But I’m not bitter or anything.

      Thanks for reading!

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