The Yankees Are Like The Killer In A Horror Film… And I Mean That As A Compliment

I’ve been waiting patiently for the Yankees to get old and fade to irrelevancy, but they’ve been like Jason or Freddy or some other disfigured maniac from a horror movie franchise.  It doesn’t matter if he’s been shot point blank in the chest or bludgeoned with a sledgehammer or run over by a Hummer or buried under half a ton of peat moss… Just when you take a deep breath and start to relax, there’s a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning which silhouettes a disfigured figure in the doorway, back to wreak more mayhem.

I give Brian Cashman & Joe Girardi a lot of respect for what they’ve done… They’ve had injury upon injury, and they go get guys like Alfonso Soriano and I say “HIM?  Hah!  Good luck with that!” and then a few days later I’m saying “Soriano did what?!?  Arrrrrrggggggghhhh!!!”

So with that in mind, when I found out that the Yankees were mathmatically eliminated this morning, I gave ’em a little “Na na, hey hey, Goodbye”.

So as a show of respect towards the Evil Empire, I’ll share some recently-obtained vintage Yankees and the vague hope that next year, with the “Core Four” reduced to the “Core 0.667”, the Yankees will just stay dead.

… Even if just for a little while.

1969 Topps Fritz Peterson

1969 Topps Joe Verbanic

1972 Topps Ron Blomberg

Pssst… Ron… Take to doughnut off the bat before you use it…

2 thoughts on “The Yankees Are Like The Killer In A Horror Film… And I Mean That As A Compliment

  1. Seeing the Yankees miss the playoffs is almost as cool as seeing my Athletics make the playoffs. I know this sounds insane… but for many years my two teams (A’s & Padres) struggled… and so watching the Yankees make it ever single year built up a lot of negative energy on my part.

    Ironically… I love all of the love Mariano has received on his farewell tour. We’re so lucky to have had the opportunity to witness the greatest to ever close games.

    • As much as I hate the Yankees, I have to admit that it doesn’t really carry over to certain Yankees like Mariano Rivera. I respect his talent, he seems like a good guy and he’s never done anything to make me dislike him… Bernie Williams is another guy who fell into that category.

      I’d like to see the A’s do well this October… I’d also like to see the Rays and Pirates do well. Hopefully one of those teams will give me a reason to watch the World Series.

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