As A Steelers Fan, I Have To Say…

…that it was certainly nice of the Black And Gold to get off to such a unimpressive start to the season, ensuring that that the full attention of Pittsburgh is on the postseason-bound Pirates.

The Steelers even left the country to play today’s game!  Now that is dedication to the cause.

To show my appreciation for the Steelers’ selfless behavior, I’ll share some highlights of the 2013 Topps Steelers team set I got at a semi-recent show:

Rookie Markus Wheaton shows us that his gloves have the Steelers logo on the palms.
2013 Topps Football Markus Wheaton

Shlabotnik favorite Troy Polamalu has shows signs of once again playing a significant role on defense, although he’s yet to make “the big play”.
2013 Topps Football Troy Polamalu


Another Shlabotnik favorite… hopefully his knee will allow him to play in more of the game than he has been so far.
2013 Topps Football Heath Miller
It wasn’t until I pasted these images in this post that I realized that the horizontal card design is different than the vertical one… The chrome “wings” sweep up to meet the sides of the vertical card, but hang down into the bottom border of the horizontal card.

This is easily the best action shot out of the 11-card team set.
2013 Topps Football Lawrence Timmons


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