Sandberg Tribute in 1994 Topps Traded

Yesterday I was trying to further the organization of my collection and my database didn’t have any record at all of 1994 Topps Traded… which cards are in it, whether I have a complete set, whether I have any cards at all.

I had to go to my binders to confirm – yes, I’ve got the set.  I’d be greatly surprised if I didn’t, I used to faithfully buy the factory traded sets each year, and 1994 was the last year they weren’t issued in packs (if they were issue at all).

While I was checking my binder, these two cards caught my eye:

1994 Topps Traded Ryne Sandberg 130T
1994 Topps Traded Ryne Sandberg 131T

These are nice cards that I’d forgotten about, and relatively timely given Ryno’s new managerial stint.

The “Topps Topps Topps Topps Topps Topps Topps Topps” watermark is a little obnoxious, but it admittedly comes across more strongly in these scans than they do in real life.

I’m going to make a public plea to the Phillies – because I know that Ruben Amaro and his bunch all regularly check in on The Shlabotnik Report – and ask that they get Sandberg into some throwbacks like the one in the photo above… And then Topps can get him to pose the same way and make a similar card, and then it’ll be like the photos used on the Beatles’ “1962-1966” and “1967-1970” albums.

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